Home News & Politics Have the Krios, Sierra Leone’s slave descendants lost their influence?

Have the Krios, Sierra Leone’s slave descendants lost their influence?

by Vickie Remoe

A recent post in the Christian Science Monitor suggests that the influence once exerted by Sierra Leone’s minority population of Krios has lessened as Freetown modernizes.

The transition from ‘bod os’ to concrete houses, and the Krios extensive network in the diaspora are presented as evidence of the loss of Krio influence. Although the story makes a poor effort proving its case those of us who know can definitely note a change in Krio participation and domination of public administration, governance, and education.

Whether one can say that Krio influence has dwindled is up for public debate. However the facts are that as a segment of the population Krios are far better off than other ethnic groups with regards to literacy, life expectancy, property ownership, and overall quality of life. Perhaps what has happened in the post civil war era is that Krios have become even more conservative with their views, and overall participation in the public sphere.

The question to ask after that of whether their influence has reduced is that if you believe it has dwindled has this been for the betterment of Sierra Leone, or her deterioration.

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