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The coolest Sierra Leonean woman on Instagram

by Vickie Remoe

Desiree VF_@xodvf

A lot of us grew up believing that African women just couldn’t grow long, beautiful, natural healthy hair, and maybe this is why we pay millions annually to wear hair from every else other than our own heads. If you’re still walking around with the above stated delusion that our hair can’t grow please allow me to introduce you to Sierra Leone’s Desiree Venn Frederick aka @xodvf. I have been following this young woman for years both as an admirer of her commitment to holistic living, and for curating some of the most stylish shoots on our feeds. This is my girl crush du jour @XODVF!

The YouTube Guru describes herself like this:

I like to think of myself as the bastard lovechild of Miriam Makeba and Malcolm X relegated to vintage susohiki kimonos and ankara turbans / Africa taught me. a Salone titi who’s changing paradigms and shit / some may be humored / most aroused / others disgusted / all enlightened / you’re welcome.

If you’re not following @xodvf on Instagram or subscribed to her YouTube Channel my sister you are not living life. Check out some of my favorite @xodvf looks from Instagram

A photo posted by dvf (@xodvf) on

A photo posted by dvf (@xodvf) on

A photo posted by dvf (@xodvf) on

A photo posted by dvf (@xodvf) on

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