Home Entertainment Entertainment News: Lauryn Hill refused entry into the UK

Entertainment News: Lauryn Hill refused entry into the UK

by Vickie Remoe


Lauryn Hill had a sold out concert in the UK’s O2 on July 15th but the British Government refused to let her into the country because of her criminal record. Ms Hill announced the concert’s cancellation via her Facebook page.

Hello All,I’ve been informed that I won’t be able to enter the UK for a period of time due to my past legal situation….

Ms Hill had spent a year or so in jail for tax evasion. This is one of those times you’re like I’m glad I have to get a visa to travel to places, at least you know you if you can enter or not before you buy your ticket.

This should serve as warning to other artists with any kind of criminal record no matter how small, check with the country first and don’t just assume that because you don’t need a visa they will allow you to enter.

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