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Sierra Leone: How One Woman fought back ebola in a town of 36,000


Hajia Aisha Isatu Daramy Kabia, a nurse and a Muslimah single-handedly led the fight against ebola in a town of 36,000 people, she was an ebola first responder weeks before help came to Lunsar, in Northern Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Ebola-Aisha Isata Daramy Kabia-GoWoman Magazine

“We dealt with 63 quarantined houses in total. We gave them wood, coal, water, fish, everything that makes a proper meal. We gave them supplies once a week depending on the household.
Everyday for 21 days, we would visit these households to take their temperature. So if we had 10 quarantined houses, we went to those 10 houses everyday until the 21 days were over and that helped us to manage the disease. We were able to take people out and the only reason why so many people died is that we did not have the capacity to treat. 

The lesson that I learnt during this whole ordeal is to listen to people. When Ebola came to Lunsar people were saying it was witchcraft. Some said a witch plane crashed. They were saying that it was a curse. But they were dismissed completely and people did not listen to them or take them seriously. Some of them were even fined because they said that it was witchcraft.

What I learned was that we have to learn to listen to people. Even when it sounds like rubbish, listen. It may not have been witchcraft but something terrible was happening and if people had paid attention, we might have been able to deal with it sooner rather than later.”

~ Page 34-36 of Go Woman Magazine – Read the remarkable story of GoWoman Hero Hajia Aisha Isata here:


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  1. Amos 3 July, 2015 at 12:36

    God bless u for your job well done. salone need people our mum who can stay and fight for the better salone

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