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Sierra Leone: @Salone360 will host #MeSalone Twitter chat on April 26

by Vickie Remoe




@Salone360 invites you to participate in a Tweet Chat on Sunday April 26th from 2-3pm EST/7pm Freetown/6pm London in honor of Sierra Leone’s 54th Independence Day.
This will be an hour to celebrate all the positive things that are coming out of Sierra Leone and to speak affirmatively about the great future we hope to see. Using pictures, aspirational statements, inspirational quotes and shared articles we will spend an hour doing nothing but talking up the greatness of Salone.
We are inviting key Sierra Leoneans like yourself  to prepare pictures, memes, inspiration quotes and aspirational statements ahead of time (multiple per person) in preparation for thetweet chat. We invite you to share them throughout the hour during the Tweet chat
 As @Salone360 we will also retweet, share articles and images about inspirational Sierra Leoneans. This is all about positively showcasing Sierra Leone and its people during that hour. 
Giving a shout out to the great work of Sierra Leoneans wherever we find them. We’re seven Sierra Leonean women who won’t miss a chance to talk Salone up!
@Salone360 is @KoniMaJohnson (Connie Kargbo) , @joyful9802 (Joy Spencer), @ItsSawida (Sawida Kamara), @effieojohnson (Effie Olayinka Johnson), @hcolewis (Nike Cole-Lewis), @sylviakalley (Sylvia Kalley), @STEMWoman (Geraldine Gooding). 

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