January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Women in Sierra Leone wear yellow in solidarity against ebola

A day before Sierra Leoneans began a 3 days stay at home for ebola women and some men wore yellow as a part of a campaign to recognize women’s contributions to the first against ebola. Yellow was chosen as a symbol of hope and to represent women’s energy.

Ami Dumbuya-YellowCampaign-Women-Ebola-SierraLeone
Aminata Dumbuya
Amizo Bah
Ellen Keister-YellowCampaign-Women-Ebola-SierraLeone
Ellen Keister
Mahawa Sandi
NERC Staff-YellowCampaign-Women-Ebola-SierraLeone
National Ebola Response Staff – Yvonne Aki-Sawyer (second from right)
Nicky Spencer Coker-YellowCampaign-Women-Ebola-SierraLeone
Nicky Spencer-Coker
Niematulai Bah
Staff at Afromeric Salon-YellowCampaign-Women-Ebola-SierraLeone
Joe Koroma and her staff at Afromeric Salon
UNICEF staff Freetown