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Ministry of Sports supports removal of Sierra Leone FA boss Isha Johansen


Last month we reported that an interim body had been set up to run the affairs of the SLFA by a majority of the association’s delegates at an unsanctioned congress. A new report from Sahr Morris, suggests that the Ministry of Sports is supporting that interim body which FIFA had said it would not recognize over Isha Johansen and co.

This will come as a shock to many of you as the Minister of Sports Paul Kamara openly supported Isha Johansen when she was campaigning to be FA president less than 2 years ago. How is it that the Ministry of Sports under the leadership of Kamara has now decided to support an action that will remove Johansen and her executive team from leadership of the SLFA?

The letter to FIFA was signed by the Director of Sports and copies the Minister of Sports and other officials. Below are some of the contents of the letter.

Source: FB/FootballSierraLeone

Source: FB/FootballSierraLeone

“Our attention has been drawn to your later dated January 8, 2014 in which you indicated that the interim committee appointed by the members of SLFA is not recognised by FIFA. The Sports Council, acting in accordance with the National Sports Council Act of 1964, which provides for the control of sports in Sierra Leone, approved that the resolution by the SLFA members dated December 20, 2014 was agreed upon in accordance with the SLFA Constitution [and] by the majority of the legitimate members of the SLFA.”

The Director of Sports further stated that the decision by the SLFA members was in conformity with the provisions in the SLFA and FIFA constitutions, and that the information given to FIFA by the SLFA General Secretary that the members were not legitimate was misleading.

“We want FIFA to reverse its decision regarding the non-recognition of the SLFA interim executive and also to stop [sending correspondences] to Madam Isha Johansen and Christopher Kamara,” the letter reads.

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