December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Africa Link Inspection Company sponsors Youth Excellence Awards in Sierra Leone

Africa Link Inspection Company

Africa Link Inspection Company Limited (S.L) is proud and privileged to sponsor the first Annual Youth Excellence Awards (YEA) in Sierra Leone. As a company geared towards facilitation of trade in Sierra Leone through the efficient and fast clearance of goods out of the Queen Elizabeth II Quay we look forward to seeing young leaders playing big roles in the development of Sierra Leone.

This event recognizes the achievement of excellence in various fields by the young generation of our beloved country.

Our company holds the belief that every young person has a unique talent to offer in making a difference in their lives and in the lives of those around them regardless of their personal background or circumstance. In this light we are sponsoring the Youth Excellence Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship.
All of us have a duty to encourage the next generation of leaders to aspire for excellence and to leave positive footprints in society as well as the field they may find themselves in.

We manifest our commitment to this noble idea by patronizing initiatives or programs which actively promote and celebrate excellence in Academic Achievement, Social Activism, Leadership, Sports, Innovation etc. However as sponsors of the Africa Link Inspection Award for Entrepreneurship we hope the winner will play a lead role in this field and inspire other Sierra Leoneans to do the same.