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Sierra Leone News: Fire at NPA Kingtom power station extinguished, No damage or casualties

Kingtom, Freetown, Sierra Leone

At about 11 am this morning a fire broke out at the National Power Authority (NPA) power station in Kingtom. The fire was caused by a small gas explosion that occurred during the dismantling of old pipes from the building’s basement.

Technicians from Global Trading a company working to remove old machines from the power plant were cutting metal pipes when their gas lighter ignited. The fire spread to plastic pipes near the first spark.

Alfred Vandi, Head of Generation at Kingtom Power House said that workers on site quickly put out the fire using extinguishers. A fire evacuation plan was followed to protect workers until the Sierra Leone Fire Brigade arrived on site.

“We used our experience to put out the fire. Everything is protected including new machines and the control room,” said Mr Vandi