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African Film Review: DANIELLA – Mercy Johnson, Walter Anga, Angela Okorie


A noble woman who in debt to a friend who selflessly donated a kidney to her, sacrifices her true love and marries a wealthy guy to fund her friend’s dreams of becoming a famous rapper. Years later, things start to fall apart as guilt and bitterness kick in.

Story – ( 2 out of 5 ) – I spent the first 20-mins of this movie trying to figure out what was going on. I know that writers and directors try to keep us in suspense but they should try not to bore their audience in the process.  The script was all over the place. No music producer in his right mind would consider Mercy Johnson’s character talented enough to put her in a studio. They took no time to research and make this character believable.

Acting – (2 out of 5 ) – It comes as no surprise that actress Mercy Johnson can do almost any role given to her. In this movie she showed us another character much different from what we expect to get from her. However, it was overdone. She exaggerated so much that I started to think the character was mentally ill. All other actors did mediocre jobs. Nothing to really wow me.

Editing – ( 1 out of 5 ) – The first 20-mins of this film was unnecessary. Sound was poor (especially the musical scenes). Adjusting my speaker volume for every scene became annoying. Plus many many more editing errors. Basically, the editing team skipped out on their job.

This movie did not do it for me. The editing made it unbearable. In addition to that the script had no harmony. I am willing to bet that most people will find it hard to watch more than part 1 of this film.

NOTE: This movie has four parts. Daniella 1&2, then Daniella The Saint 1&2
The pics on the DVD cover of Daniella 1&2 in no way have nothing to do with the movie.

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