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Love don sack mus take: Krio breakup tips from Sierra Leone inspired by Famous


In celebration of Famous’s concert in DMV this October 12th Swit Salone presents Love Don our list of how to break up or sack in krio and from Sierra Leone.

You don eva try for sack posin but dem dey make noh undastand? Posin way you noh lek again still dey call you fone. Well tiday na you dey. Ah jes fen some idea dem but wetin you fo do en ow yu of trit di posin make e comot biyen yu.

Ah don cam up wit 10 tings dem way yu kin do fo make sure say di sack take propa propa wan!

1. Lef fo call di posin: if posin lek yu e mos top up en call so if yu noh want posin again na fo lef fo call. Dis go wok especially if yu blant call dem. En way di posin call ask yu wetin du yu noh di call dem again tell den straight say ah noh want yu na dat make.

2 Noh invite di posin na yu os, party or fo go na beach: Somten dey way yu don dey wit posin en oona don pat u kin still fil lek say u fo include di posin na yu life. But if u rilli want for make sack take na fo make sho say yu noh call di posin pan u bizness. E go fil am bad but if yu want send di message fine say i do so noh sen invitation

3. Nor spend time wit di posin: Same lek wetin ah jes say up yanda. Fo sen propa sack message u get fo shon di posin

4. Nor make e cam fen yu: Yu siddom na yu veranda or biyen yard den di posin jes boss pan yu evin tho yu don tell am say oona don part. If e do so no encourage pan dat oh. Gi special message to yu get man say da posin dey no fo enta or if yu noh get gate man en di posin cam ida u comot lef am dey or u dreb am go. Sack must take

 5. Lef fo knack di taboo: Dis wan ya wi all guilty. Yu say yu noh want di posin again but den oona still dem pan corna corna bizness. Oona dey tiff! E veri veri crucial fo make u lock bush pan posin if yu want make di sack take. So na fo lef fo knack di taboo

 6. Ignore di posin: Some pipul dem way dem si posin way dem noh want again dem kin lek for act up or misbihave en bigin twis face. But if u rilli wan make di posin biliv say di lek don don na fo jes act lek say yu noh si am.

7. Noh set plaba way yu si am wit ida posin: Ah don si dis wan bohku. Yu say yu noh want di man oh uman again den di minit yu si am wit oda posin plaba bos. Wait ba if yu noh want am i noh fo dey wit oda posin? Fo make sack take u rilli get fo let go

8. Go tell im pipul dem: Wi na Afrika all tin na fambul biznes so noh fraid fo go tell im pipul dem say yu en di posin don pat make den won am make i lef fo monah yu. Dis wan ya so na last resort but i kin ep fo make sack take.

9. Talk di tru cliya wan: Yu wan pat wit posin but u noh want fo make dem vex so yu fen all dis boku “no to me na yu” explanation. Yu so nice but di sack dat di posin noh biliv say yu noh want am again. If yu rilli want fo sen di rayt message say all tin don don tell am exactly wetin make yu noh want am again. Bi explicitly cliya if na dem ways dem yu noh lek gi am example but im doti abit way di mohna yu. If na bcuz u catch am with oda posin tell am say sex disease dem boku en u noh want. Tell dem oh noh fraid. If yu tok tru fine ah di posin

10. Tell all man way sabi oona all tu say oona don pat: If you want make sack take na fo make am public. Wi yon kontri small so if yu en posin dey da min so all man go Know. So way oona pat back na fo go en tell all man reject di posin publicly. Da way dey den go know so yu mean serious.

But if all this fails….Do like Famous says en make Korpor don…poverty sabi dreb love lek fly.  Enjoy Famous’s Koh Poh Don as perfect sack music and check out his concert in the DMV this weekend

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