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Big Brother 7: Sierra Leone’s Zainab survives, but Liberians and Dalphin evicted [VIDEO]

Contestants from Sierra Leone and Liberia await their fate on Big Brother

Liberians Evicted
Nigerians asked to leave Big Brother
Dalphin Evicted

Three contestants in Big Brother StarGame have gone home in the second round of evictions from the House. Liberia’s Luke and Yadel were asked to leave as well as Sierra Leone’s Dalphin. This was the first time that either Sierra Leone or Liberia were allowed to participate in the reality TV show.

Zainab got 13 votes, Yadel and Luke each got 1 vote while Dalphin had no votes. For surviving eviction, Zainab has been sent to Upville.

Earlier this week the Nigerian contestants also left the Big Brother, they asked to leave for “health reasons”. This brings the total housemates that have leftBig Brother to 8 in just two weeks. So far only housemates in Downville have been eliminated, next week Upville will choose one contestant to put up for eviction.