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President Conde marks Guinea’s 53rd Independence Day

On Sunday October 2nd, Guineans celebrated their 53rd Independence anniversary during difficult political and economic times. In a speech to the nation President Alpha Conde asked his countrymen to exercise patience with hopes for better days. He urged Guineans to accept and assume their past but to focus on the future.

Two weeks ago a peaceful protest of opposition supporters ended in over 40 injuries and 2 deaths as supporters went up against the armed forces. President Conde offered his condolences to the bereaved families. He also ordered the armed forces keep the peace and invited opposition leaders for dialogue.

Many observers question Conde’s ability to bring calm to an otherwise tense political and until that is done disputes between the government and the opposition will continue. He was elected last year in Guinea’s first democratic elections.
To mark Guinee’s Independence President Conde attended the launch of the first oil exploration exercise undertaken by the US based Hyperdynamics Corporation. The company’s “Jasper Explorer” will carry out drilling operations in the South-West of Conakry. Guineans hope that the discovery of oil will help boost Guinea’s economy.

Reporter: Jacqueline Ngo Mbus