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Africa Podfest & International Podcast Day Presents: “Where’s the money in Africa Podcasting” – Join the Conversation!


Podcasts are growing across the world and Africa is no exception. Africa Podfest is an Africa-wide community created to inspire and elevate African podcasters. 

On the 30th of January 2021, International Podcast Day and Africa Podfest will host a conversation showcase “Where’s The Money In African Podcasting”. This will be an African Podcaster Showcase discussion that will feature Vickie Remoe of the Make Sierra Leone Famous Podcast (Sierra Leone), Dan Aceda of SemaBox (Kenya), and Simmi Areff of Lesser Known Somebodies (South Africa). Africa Podfest co-founders Melissa Mbugua and Josephine Karianjahi will moderate the discussion. 

Vickie Remoe

VICKIE REMOE – is affectionately called the Oprah of African television in Sierra Leone. Her podcast, Make Sierra Leone Famous features Sierra Leoneans speaking on the country’s history, landmarks, culture, food, tradition, and lifestyle.

Dan Aceda

DAN ACEDA – created SemaBox a podcast incubator and plug-and-play recording studio for podcasters and video bloggers in Kenya to professionally create and publish their content online. He is also musically known as the Crown Prince of Benga.

Simi Areff

SIMI AREFF – hosts Africa’s most loved comedy podcast, Lesser Known Somebodies, he loves nothing more than making people laugh. He has also been described as handsome by day, funny by night, effervescent, observant, witty, awkward, sarcastic, and erudite

While Remoe, Aceda, Areff, and others in the Africa Podfest family are early adopters of podcasting the continent still lags. 

According to a survey done by Reuters Digital News Report in 2020, the audience for podcasts in Africa is under 35. Why is the podcast audience Africa’s youth only?

  • Convenience: The unique selling proposition of podcasts is filling the dead time. They are a simple way to access media. One doesn’t have to actively search or read while engaging with the content.
  • Control: Digital natives want to be in control and self-schedule. Young people don’t want a broadcast scheduler telling them what to listen to and when.
  • More diverse, less stuffy: Podcasting provides a different tone, more diversity, a range of opinions and voices that better reflect the interests of this generation than the narrow set of perspectives one gets on conventional radio. 

Join the conversation on Money and Podcasting in Africa this weekend. 

Follow @AfricaPodfest for news and details for the annual #AfricanPodcastDay happening on February 12.

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