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Vickie Remoe’s 3 Tips for People Who Want To Stop Coronavirus in Sierra Leone and attend the 2021 COVID-19 Don Go Jamboree!


“Ah get small cough but no to serious tin. Ah day drink ginger ah day feel betteh”

– During this Coronavirus pandemic na small koff na im go kill posin if yu noh go ospitul

These three tips are for anyone in Sierra Leone who wants to survive the coronavirus pandemic in Sierra Leone. To fully realise the benefits of these tips you must follow ALL THREE UNTIL THE GOVERNMENT DECLARES SIERRA LEONE IS COVID-19 FREE:

  1. As Soon As Your Body Starts to give you early warning signs of COVID-19 put on your face mask and go to your nearest hospital – As soon as you start to feel any of the symptoms related to the virus: irritation in your throat, coughing, light headedness from being shortness breath, sneezing…the things you would ordinarily think are NOT a reason to worry – you should put on your facemask and head to the nearest hospital. It may not be Coronavirus, it may be something else but the only way you can be sure what it is…get professional medical advice. In Sierra Leone must of us are used to enduring pain and illness – this means by the time we present to a doctor or hospital it is too late. The problem with the Coronavirus is that if you have symptoms and you dont get help early, the virus can move to your lungs, obstruct your breathing, destroy your lungs and kill you. To survive the Coronavirus don’t peppeh docta, dont rely on home remedies like that ginger powder tea or honey and lime that everyone believes cures colds. Covid-19 no to fresh cold. Covid-19 can kill you in under 2-3 weeks especially if you have underlying conditions like TB, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, HIV & AIDs or any other disease that has compromised your immune system. This is why no matter how small you think the symptoms you must put on your mask and go to a hospital to ensure that it isnt COVID-19. Sierra Leone’s health care system needs strenghening but the facilities that have been set up to treat moderate and critically ill COVID-19 patients can save lives if patients present early enough before they become critical.
  2. Don’t allow anyone who is not wearing a Facemask to talk near you in public and small spaces and you must observe the same protocol – The coronavirus is spread by mucous and spit. The three ways that a person can spread spit or mucous is by talking, sneezing or coughing. When someone talks even if you cant see it, there is spit coming out of their mouth. Certain words produce more spit than others and certain people produce more spit when they talk but EVERYONE produces spit. The spit and mucous come out as droplets that can land anywhere! They can land on you and they can land on tables, chairs, and places near you. If you come in contact with the spit or mucuous of someone who has coronavirus you will get it too. The government of Sierra Leone has mandated that face masks be worn at all times in public places. Although this is not being enforced if you want to survive COVID-19 you should mask on and pass it on.
  3. Hand Touch, Hand Foh Wash – The more your hands touch the more you increase your chances of catching the virus. You wont remember everything and everyone you touch but you can control how often you wash your hands to reduce the spread. If you touch a door, if you touch the okada drive, if you touch the poda-poda door before you enter it, if you touch the keke’s seat, if you touch a table in a place that you dont know when it was cleaned, if you touch someone’s hand without knowing when they washed their hands or if they have coronavirus before you touch your face, your things, your children, your wife, you wash your hands. If you dont have soap use hand sanitizer. Before you enter your home, before you take off your face mask wash your hands.

If you follow these 3 Tips you your chances of surviving COVID-19 in Sierra Leone na triple-triple. The official COVID Don Go Jamboree date has not yet been set but it will be massive, pass Ecofest, pass Inauguration, pass Sierra Leone at 50 because 2021 na Sierra Leone at 60! Imagine that! So do us all a big big favor by following these tips so that we can all be at that jamboree together!

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