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10 common mistakes young people make


A mistake is that wrong action or decision that produces unintended results that could ruin one’s life. Young people are prone to making mistakes, some that can be averted and some of which are out of their control. Below are 10 mistakes young people make in Sierra Leone:

Prioritizing the least important things-Each and every man or woman should draw up a scale of preference and prioritize the most important and the less important should be right below their list. This being done the opposite way, however, ruins one’s life. For instance, choosing parties over education or learning skills, you are putting your own life in ruins.

Peer pressure-This is one major thing that ruins the lives of young people both male and female. Doing things to please one’s peers or emulate them is a cause for concern. For instance, buying recent phones, outfits, and shoes just to fit in. Everyone should have a mind of his or her own.

Being too dependent on other people– For most of the ladies these days, they depend on men (not their fathers) to do everything for them. How can someone value you by that? You might just end up being used. The men are also a part of this, depending on a woman to take care of your needs and forming slay king. In a few years, you might just be a wrecked ship.  Everyone should be at least 50% independent and that will push you in facing your goals.

Substance Abuse: Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and drugs-This is quite common among young people but what they do not know is the fact that the above things can be very detrimental to them. Diaper’s Tea is now the most recent discovery by some youths in Sierra Leone, specifically in the capital, Freetown. The abuse of drugs to feel high, shisha, cigarettes, and alcohol can damage your lungs, kidneys, and heart.

Overspending– When a young person begins to strive and earn something, they tend to overspend. This happens because they want to wear expensive outfits, buy luxurious cars, go to places with expensive tastes and put unnecessary burdens on themselves. 

Taking up unnecessary burdens-Carrying people’s cross when you are not strong enough to even carry yours. For instance, earning a salary of 500,000 and start taking care of people’s (relatives) children when you can’t even afford it.

Not Saving-This is very difficult to do, especially by young people. Young people do not save. They might have accounts just for the sake of it. If you can’t save, how can you build your empire?

Acting above their age-Young people tend to act way above their age nowadays and this ruins their life. Involving in sexual activities at an early age leads to teenage pregnancy and that’s one step backward. Also being involved with multiple partners is an error. This is when sexually transmitted diseases come knocking at the door, HIV, Hepatitis, and the likes.

Too much information-Telling people more than they need to know is also a disadvantage. People might either use it against you or discourage you from achieving your goals in order to build theirs. Some amount of privacy is very important.

Trying to impress others-This is quite common. Young people take others’ opinions to heart. For instance, thinking of what your family members or friends might think of you if you choose a skilled work over becoming a lawyer. Everyone should decide for themselves rather than trying to impress other people.

Thorpe be wise!

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