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Bennikek is the official cookie of Sierra Leone starting now!


Bennikek is a delicious and healthy treat. It is sweet, nutty and crunchy. For as low as Le500, you can afford this Sierra Leonean cookie.

Bennikek is made of benni (sesame) seeds and comes along with a lot of health benefits.

Credits: This is Sierra Leone


The process involved in making bennikek is short and simple. It requires three easy steps. For a start, heat a frying pan and add the benni seeds. Stir continuously till the seeds turn brown and pour seeds into a heat resistant bowl and set aside.

In the same saucepan combine sugar, water and a pinch of salt. Add water slowly while stirring. Stir constantly until mixture begins to boil. Add the benni seeds to the mixture and continue to stir with a wooden spoon to avoid mixture from burning.

At this point, reduce the heat until the mixture coats the spoon and the color changes to a golden brown color. Then you’ll get to the final step which is to drop rounded tablespoonfuls onto a greased pan, set it till it’s cool and firm. At this stage our Sierra Leone cookie is ready. Yes! Snack time. Yummy!



Aside from its sweet, nutty and crunchy taste, it comes with a lot of health benefits. The sesame seed itself may be tiny but very rich and healthy. Below are five health benefits.

It protects healthy skin and bones. Sesame seeds contain calcium and zinc which helps to strengthen and increase bone density. It also contains vitamin E to keep the skin healthy.


Furthermore, benni seed is rich in iron and Vitamin B which helps to improve memory, eyesight, and hearing and also reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Sesame seeds also protect the liver from free radicals and from alcohol and drug abuse.

It is good for digestion too as it contains digestive fiber to help relieve constipation, helps to lubricate the intestines and ease bowel movement regularly.

Finally, it promotes a healthy respiratory system and reduces stress. You might be wondering how? Let me fill you in. Benni is rich in magnesium and calcium and contains a stress-relieve agent that prevents asthma and respiratory problems. Helps to improve sleep and reduces the risk of diabetes, pain, and stress.

With all you have learned about bennikek, why hesitate?

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