“I have no problem with the government” – Dovy Daramy of Dry Yai Crew

Mohamed 'DovyDovy' Daramy
Mohamed 'DovyDovy' Daramy

Last month we reported that Mohamed ‘DovyDovy’ Daramy of the Dry Yai Crew had his visa to the US revoked while he was visiting Australia. Yesterday Daramy contacted us to set the record straight.

Daramy said that the reporter at the Lacrosse Tribune who wrote the story about his travel woes misquoted him when he wrote that he had been threatened by the government of Sierra Leone.

In a conversation with our editor Daramy said, “I did not say that I was afraid to go back to Sierra Leone because of the current government. I have no direct problem with the government. What I did say was that I fear election season violence – as someone who is a public figure and has a great impact on the youth of the country, I am sometimes the target of political groups who wish to use me for their own ends.”

Daramy said that his fiancée tried to publicize their situation in an attempt to get assistance but it was never his intention to make people think that he was trying to seek asylum due to political persecution.

According to Daramy the US Embassy told him that his visa was revoked because they had received anonymous negative information about him. He said that the embassy did not tell him what was said but it was enough for the US Department of Homeland Security to open an investigation into his visits in the US.

As of yesterday Daramy said that Homeland Security sent him an email saying that his file had been closed and they had found no evidence to substantiate the initial case against him.

While Daramy waits to renew his visa, the other members of the Dry Yai Crew are currently on tour in the U.S.. Dry Yai Crew and Nneka will be performing tonight in Vienna, Virginia.

Daramy says that neither he nor the other members of the  Dry Yai crew support any specific politician or political party. However, he said that, “we support justice for our people, jobs for our people, clean water for our people, health for our people. We stand for the people of Sierra Leone. We give voice to their needs.”


  • Sona

    WOW !!! Really ???
    This couple will say anything !! He will even make his partner sound more stupid and like a bigger scab !!!
    Now we have two different stories , both filled with lies …. Who to believe ???
    NONE !!
    Massive SL community in Australia ,i hear he is working there and making money on a holiday visa ?
    Yet she has her home town raising money for them , so they can holiday in Australia !
    Disgraceful , this has only been done to have fame and or money , shame on you both .

  • MV

    There absolutely has been no working during there stay in Au. And no breech of any laws. The problems that are being faced are unfair and the reasons behind them are assumptions. Mr. Daramys case has been closed with border controll but all other aspects to this situation are currently being worked out legally. No one is running a free vacation or looking for fame, just justice in this wrong doing for both parties involved. There was a misunderstanding on Dovys position with the current SL government that he cleared up but to start vicious rumors from a source that knows nothing about there current situation is wrong.

  • targ

    I saw dovy dovy play in AU when i was there, Yes he is working there MV.
    Two news artical’s claiming different things i’m guessing because he isn’t aloud back to USA he needs to ” eat his words “incase he has to come home. But my guess is he marries that girl in AU even though he cheats on her constantly then tries to go back to the USA as a married couple. MV really you know nothing the government does not put a band on visas if no law is broken.

  • B. Kamara, Esq.

    Listen, I was one of those who came down hard on the poor sap when this medium broke the lead story on this the last time. Having clarified himself, I think the guy deserves a break. We now know that he is not one to throw his country under the bus in a foreign country–so to speak. He just throws his girlfriend under the bus in a foreign country. What a great guy?

  • MV

    Again more vicious rumors coming from the community. So sad. Actually there are a few ways a visa can be revoked and legal issues are one which daramy has been cleared of. Others are to do not with illegal doings. Daramy giving a freestyle while on vacation because his fans demand it is hardly working. I know this couple closely and neither of them are working in AU. Thats a fact not a rumor. And has anyone looked at where the quotation marks are in this article? I see the quotes around the statement “I did not say that I was afraid to go back to Sierra Leone because of the current government. I have no direct problem with the government. What I did say was that I fear election season violence – as someone who is a public figure and has a great impact on the youth of the country, I am sometimes the target of political groups who wish to use me for their own ends.”
    and the statement,“we support justice for our people, jobs for our people, clean water for our people, health for our people. We stand for the people of Sierra Leone. We give voice to their needs.”
    Other than that the rest is the journalists interpretation!!!! She can put whatever spin on this article she wants, making him or his fiancee look bad. Daramy did not throw his fiancee under the bus so to speak but the JOURNALIST alludes that it was the fiancee who was trying to gain assistance. Assistance in finding the correct legal help! There is nothing wrong with that. This is why dealing with the media is always a tricky situation because they like to twist words and make the story as dramatic and scandal driven as possible IT’s THERE JOB!
    Obviously many of you want to keep your fellow SL brother down by posting untrue rumors of working, cheating and backtracking. Non of which you can prove. To knock down someone you should uplift is sad but not shocking.
    Rumors are nothing more than rumors!

  • EzzN

    everyone knows she cheats on him with banja anyway! They war caut together multiple times. Its why he’s trying to marry her to put her under lock

  • MV

    Prooves my theory rite I put a comment stating where he has been quoted and how the rest is a reporters skewed version……and this bogg took it down?? Nice reporting!!! And look at this rubbish……….


    MV is Dovy Dovys WIFE !!!! LOLOLOLOL

  • Jamdown girl

    Omg! Dovy I am so sorry you are in this position.. No wonder I haven’t see you in new York.. Hope they grant you back the visa..

  • cathy

    I heard his wife Arianne Zager FLEW to FIJI to re new her visa , she was never on a no fly list , she lied again telling people she caught a boat to Fiji !
    They have their own apartment in Australia and are both working illegally.
    Every person they speak to gets a different sad story , they play on peoples heart strings to make more money , an account has been set up to fund their long holiday , don’t buy into this scam .

  • Bek.s

    You DO realize that the USA no fly list is coming and going from USA!!!!! And they are both in legal status in AU. I know many of you enjoy seeing them squirm and love to gossip about this but unfortunately most of you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • ross

    No DOVY DOVY is not in legal status in AU he is seeking refuge as he can’t return to the USA for ten years ! He didn’t check his visa before he left America he had a work ” band ” visa to the USA , that means he must travel with Dry Yai , his vacation to AU void his visa . Lets face it he is nothing without pupa Bajah going back to SL is pointless for him now he has no band and has made stupid comments about his own country . His wife Arianne Zager has trapped him and made a fool out of him, contacting the papers when knowing they were in the wrong was such a pathetic attempt to mooch money of honest caring people . The truth will always come out in the end . And it’s coming .
    Australia is expensive, to rent ( like they are ) is expensive , they are both on holiday visa’s BUT they are working for cash in hand and whatever they can scab from innocent people .

  • your wrong!!!!!

    They are both on work visas now. They have been sponsored as of last week. Zager has many talents to pick from and multiple degrees so it was not really a problem to work out. They are both legal and are finding there way. Daramys visa was revoked and had nothing to do with not traveling with the band. He has made many trips without them. This situation is not a trap or a scam ……life takes turns sometimes, and these two will always not only survive but come out on top…..WATCH!!!!

  • BULL

    What a lie again !!
    Their visas are not valid i can VOUCH and have PROFF of this, they are sponsored but it is not legit they do not work for these companies in which they claim. A FRIEND SET UP A SCAM ONE !!
    Arianne Zager has many talents her best being a scammer and a compulsive lier , i also have much prof on this…
    Come out on top now thats funny she is stuck in Australia with a husband that constantly cheats on her , even in AU , she even busted him !! but took him back cos lets face it who else would want her .
    And well poor DOVY DOVY needs her if he ever has a chance on getting back into America . Lets face it he cant go back to SL .
    Arianne ” your wrong ” you need to stop making out that you and your life is perfect , FAR FROM IT !!!

  • your wrong!!!!!

    No one said anything about a life being perfect! No one said anything about their relationship being perfect. But to be with someone for over 3 years is a LONG scam to get into a country INCASE something ever happens. You have no proof of anything and can’t even spell the word PROOF! There is no scam here and you have no idea of what you are speaking of. Please show us all this proof or PROFF you have. Make up more stories and let this become a focus for you…….. poor thing!


    I talked with with Dovy yersteday and he says this entire article is a LIE and he never even gave this interview. He did not even know it was on line and neither did his fiancé. OHHHHH SALONE can we ever step away from the drama?

  • lolah

    I don’t know, I have known Arianne since she was 4 years old and she has never ever been one to scam or be vicious. She has donated her time and money helping others including Sierra Leone. Is she a saint?? No. She is human just like every one of you but as far as her being a scam artist or evil you could not be more wrong. She keeps to herself and shows her art and music to the public. And other then that is fairly private and has been her entire life. Over the past few years I have gotten to know the relationship between Daramy and Zager and there has been bumps on the path just like any normal relationship but as far as him using her for proper papers…….if he cheats on her constantly why doesn’t he marry one of these girls that have citizenship in the US? Or marry his childs mother who has her citizenship? If there are so many women that hold his attention why not marry a girl in AU and just be done with it? He flew himself all the way to AU to prepose why do all that? Why take her to Africa and traditionally marry her in front of his mother and father? To scam for the future the no one had any idea would happen? Daramy had his visas set up on his own with his musical group and needed no ones help to stay legal. Let these two do what they want. If they are meant to be they will be. God will decide not blogg posters!

  • who cares!

    How did this become about there relationship? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! move on from this ridiculous topic. I