Lookout for Nneka in film Relentless

Why didn’t I know about this film before I interviewed Nneka, would have loved to ask her about playing a Sierra Leonean. Dang Dang Dang

Anyway check out this trailer from the film ‘Relentless’ starring Haiti’s jimmy jean Louis, Gideon Okeke, and Nneka and directed by Andy Amadi Okoroafor.

Relentless, The Story
A story about love and self-discovery, set in Sierra Leone, one of Africa’s unforgiving countries.

Obi is a Nigerian peacekeeping soldier in war-torn Sierra Leone. He meets Blessing, a Sierra Leonean woman and falls in love for the first time. His world and life are then devastated when he finds Blessing mutilated by child soldiers. On his return to Lagos after the war, he tries to reintegrate into his community by running a small security company with Ola, his best friend and fellow war veteran. At night he wanders the lonely streets of Lagos, haunted by his past. During one of these midnight walks, a high-class call-girl falls into his arms, thrown down from a bridge to die by one of her clients. Obi is thrust back into reality as he once again is carrying a woman in his arms, another victim of violence, another life to save or let die. Relentless is a visually accomplished film debut that laconically narrates a story about love and self-discovery, set in one of Africa’s unforgiving capital cities