December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Fridays at Palladio Restaurant: Belly full…Thank you

Palladio Restaurant is not on Lightfoot Boston Street. So don’t go looking for it there. It is actually on Rawdon Street next to Union Trust Bank

They have cassava leaves with palm oil and without

Groundnut Soup

You can have whatever you like; cassava leaves, jollof rice, grilled chicken, roast beef etc. etc. etc.

African Tofu..otherwise known as Olehleh..made of black eyed beans, fish, onions and pepper..Nigerians call it moimoi

Rice Akara & Beans Akara…I LOVE AKARA

roast beef….don’t need to say more!

Palladio staff are all smiles

Aunty Admire, owner of Palladio dressed in her fabulous Africana. Love it!

Palladio’s chef checking to make sure its all good!!!!!

 Fridays at Palladio Restaurant on Rawdon Street are exclusively reserved for pigging out, tasty treats, and the all you can eat African Buffet. I’ve been to several african buffets in freetown but Palladio’s goes the extra mile to bring you every thing. It’s like going to a wedding or a sara with olehleh, plaintains, beans, cassava leaves, ground nut soup, foo foo, pepper chicken, pepper fish, grilled fish, jollof rice, roast beef, grilled chicken, smoked chicken, steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes…all tin day day. I don’t know how they manage to cook all those dishes as each takes several hours to prepare. I am officially on a low carb diet, and i had been good all week…when I entered palladio’s and the diet was out the door. Not only was the food in abundance but it was absolutely delicious. Next time you are in town and are looking to catch up on Sierra Leonean food…a friday at Palladio should be your first stop.