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Sex tape Sex tape: Hypocritical Salone makes fuss over sex tape; Why should Christiana Bull be ashamed?


The night before i left for Dakar, a friend said that someone had told him that they had seen a sex tape with me as the star. I told him, oh well…if there is one of there of me, then i am certain it must be really good, and i would be proud to show off my assets. Realizing i was neither moved nor bothered by the idea of the sex tape he finally let it out that the sex tape in question featured a girl by the name of Christiana Bull who i know solely as the face of an Emerson Bockarie music videos. I was gone for 10days and in that time, the story of the sex tape has spread like wild fire, with several press articles written including a piece by the BBC’s own Umaru Fofanah/SLAJ President, radio and tv interviews, and a statement by the Minister of Information.

Some have even called for the police to arrest Miss Bull and her boyfriend Mr. Jonathan Bockari who as a man has received the lesser brunt of the assaults. Miss Bull and Mr. Bockari are two consenting adults who had sex and video taped it. If the tape has somehow found its way into the public then, it is because individuals are passing it along and sharing it. I can tell you a million and one more important jobs for I.B Kargbo to be focused on at his ministry…e.g. he should be spending his time making sure that young people are computer literate. Our East African brothers have far surpassed us in this area, and we have to catch up.

An article on Corioko written by Abdul Karim Kabia not only goes as far as to suggest that pornography was responsible for high incidence of rape against women in Sierra Leone but he also suggests that a decent woman in Ms. Bull’s situation would have chosen “a change of environment, change of identity, self imprisonment and even suicide.” Mr. Kabia should be forced to apologize for his insults and should show us the statistical evidence or empirical data that has proved the correlation of pornography to sexual violence against women in sierra leone. Som pipul jus lek for tok rubbish…

Why should Ms. Bull be ashamed or kill herself because the world has seen her having sex. In our very very hypocritically morally backward society i find it absolutely absurd that so much time has been spent on this issue and that Ms. Bull is being victimized in such a manner. This is the same country where up to 90% of girls suffer through the sexual brutality of circumcision, and no one has the guts to speak up or eradicate the practice. This is the same country where young girls believe that if they use condoms it will get stuck in their stomach. Where are the women’s rights group now?? Shouldn’t they be coming to Christiana Bull’s aide, and using this as an opportunity to include young women into their often youth barren organizations?

A blogger at writing on the same issue reports that “Mini-entrepreneurs in Freetown have been selling the 17 mins of action for up to Le10,000 on CD and Le5,000 for a phone transfer by bluetooth”as long as Miss Bull gets royalties now this is alright with me. The DVD sellers in the streets sell hundreds of porn 10-in-1 DVD on the streets of Freetown featuring all kinds of action, and no one has gone after them. Another entertainment news site 40acres entertainment reports that all online video clips of the sex tape have been removed from the internet but they then go on to say that they have the original sex tape copy and they will release it when ever they see fit.

Unfortunately, for Miss Bull she finds herself in one of the least developed countries in the world. And while she is on par with Pam Anderson and Kim Kardashian I doubt this exposure will do anything to increase her revenue. I wish i could put her on TV with her own reality show….wait a minute i can. If you read this Miss Bull give us a call, we could make some money together.

I guess that is it. I have not seen the sex tape and i don’t suppose i will. I don’t like to watch porn with strangers.

One thing is true…the fastest way for a woman to gain celebrity is to release a sex tape. Yesterday she was just a cute chick, today Miss Bull is a national sensation. if you didnt know her then…oh you definitely know her now.

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