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Sierra Leone’s Blind Musical Genius Sorie Kondi on the Vickie Remoe Show

by Vickie Remoe

Latest News:

April 2010: Sorie Kondi has been seen at LP Studio in Freetown working on a new album. The album is being produced by Fadie Conteh, and should be released by the end of the year.

November 2009: Sorie Kondi played at the Country Lodge, a hotel at Hill Staton in Freetown, for the first time. The performance was filmed by a television crew and was featured on the Vickie Remoe Show, an arts & entertainment television program on SLBS-TV.

November 2009: Sorie Kondi’s music was featured on the November 1st edition of Music Time in Africa, a program produced by Matthew Lavoie and broadcast by the Voice of America throughout Africa on FM and shortwave. Mr. Lavoie praised Sorie as a musical genius, read English translations of his lyrics, and played two of his songs: “Nor Fala” from MOSL, vol. 3 and “Politicians” from the Without Money, No Family album.

October 2009: Sorie Kondi has built himself a new kondi, and it was fitted with a Barcus Berry “Insider” piezo pickup. Thanks to N. Scott Robinson for the pickup recommendation. (updates from www.soriekondi.com)

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