February 4, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Mini Farmer’s Market in Freetown

Have you heard of the Farmer’s Market @ Bliss Restaurant on Weekend’s?? It is small and only has about four vendors right now but it is so going to grow. It is my prediction. On Saturday, I bought honey from the forests of Koinadugu and Tea Bush. I licked the honey right from the jar and it was honilicious…Now if only the people at Bliss will add the honey and Tea Bush to the menu. I am in love with the idea of promoting Sierra Leonean farmers and products and part of getting everyone on board is getting businesses involved. Instead of buying imported honey which last time i checked was le.13,000 ($3) we can all honey it up locally for 3000 ($0.80). Also, this should be followed with legislation that limits the importation of honey and other locally produced goods so that our local farmers can have a local market for their products. Till then i’ll enjoy my honey one lick at a time…
Hannah Foulah’s Shepor was also available on sale. If you remember she was featured on the show and i wrote about her in canoe magazine.
In other news, the new Bliss is just fabulous, the hottest spot in town for breakfast and brunch. I had a crepe auz pommes avec de la glace. Thanks to mummy dearest i have photos of the farmer’s market for u…i love u mum…get better soon….xoxo