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Ernest Bai & The APC Party 2 years in power

by Vickie Remoe

On Thursday the 17th while i was putting up the Vickie Remoe Show Highlights which u can watch here (major plug), Earnest Bai Koroma’s APC Party celebrated their two year anniversary in power. We were promised that Bumbuna would come on that very same day and i hear that it was turned on but i still have black out, if its on, i aint felt the change yet. As we waited to break our fast i listened to several people voice their opinions of the APC so far. Some said they were disgruntled and disappointed in Ernest Bai’s government others are pleased and claim that their quality of life has improved since the elections. Last year i wrote about my opinions on the party and i’m not sure if much has changed. What i can say though is that Freetown is ridiculously overpriced in every sense of the word. The quality of most things are mediocre but you have to give an arm and a leg to be regular and enjoy the basics so for me the verdicts still out.

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