Bumbuna: Your hydroelectric dam uncle who lives abroad

Next to the Wikipedia page for Bumbuna Hydroelectric Dam, i may write “aye uncle oostem u day cam, from way u go overseas 30 years, tay tiday u noh cam yet. All tem noh moh den say u day cam holiday. Uncle u noh get paper yet na america”?

Studio Pietrangeli – Dettaglio Bumbuna Project –

Bumbuna in its initial phase of completion (whenever that will be) is supposed to produce 50Megawatts in its initial phase and 275 in its final stage. Right now we are still at the part of the project that produces just about ZEROMW. I’ve been in Sierra Leone over two years now. SLPP don go APC don cam but black out still day.

I spend alot of money on candles and fuel for my generator. A packet of candles cost me about le 5000 ($1.50). Depending on how many guests i have in my house at a time we use anywhere from 1-2packets a week and not to forget the matches. On a good financial/bad NPA week I’ll buy two gallons of fuel for the generator per day at a cost of $10 a night. The generator will run 3-5hrs depending on the electrical appliances that are used (i keep hoping I’ll get the $1300 bucks i need to get a diesel generator which I’ve been told will run all night long on 2gallons). If the generator which is over 4 years old now is having a bad week as it did two weeks ago. I’ll spend anywhere from le. 500,000-900,000($150-$275) buying parts and paying a variety of wanna be pretend mechanics to fix it. We play musical chairs until they make it work one day, make im broke dong again tomorra make ah go call oda wan.

There’s been all this hoopla and mayhem and talk in the press of bumbuna. A couple months before Independence the APC government via the mouth pieces of Alpha Kanu and IB Kargbo told and bluffed us that Bumbuna would be on for independece. We callayed at the utterance and like many other big big grammar they have spoken so far that have not come to pass we said…we shall see. I need not tell u that April 27th came and went with no bumbuna.

What bothers me isn’t so much that it didn’t come on but rather that instead of using the same very big mouth pieces and media organs they used to announce the propaganda to explain to the people what had gone wrong and why the deadline had been missed they just hush hushed about the whole thing and let the opposition news papers laugh at them. Don’t they understand that part of this whole democracy thing includes transparency especially when things dont go as plans. Dont they know that it is the same way u win elections. 2012 day cam oh…

Last night we kept company listening to one of my aunty’s from Makeni(will tell u about that in a sec) and my cousin Brima said that a press release was read over the radio that Bumbuna was on test. That NPA was testing Bumbuna at different kW and that the light may go off intermittently between 6pm-9pm. Den sombodi begin talk say di light way wi bin get Sunday na Bumbuna light and that bumbuna don reach murray tong en i day cam na congo cross. As if Bumbuna was a person riding on an okada making stops around the city.

Anyway, ah hope say dis mi dam uncle bumbuna go make haste bcoz mi noh know how much longa im fambul dem go wait tay im get im paper dem for cam back na tong. Taty years na long tem for wait oh…im pekin dem sef don begin bon pekin en dem yon begin dem don begin man bizness