February 4, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News


Last night I watched obsessed starring IDRIS ELBA and some black american singer whose name i seem to have misplaced. It took me right back to watching ROCKnROLLA a couple months earlier in my room. I held my breath every time he was on screen and time seemed to stop. What I wouldnt give for a cup of chocolate with Mr. Elba, in a log cabin or hut somewhere with no telephone or internet connection.

We’ll need a boom box though so we can play Maxwell and cuddle and talk. He’d tell me how i’m the woman of his dreams and he’s so glad to have found me and i’d smile and say “prove it” and then he’d kiss me and hug me and he’d say he’s the luckiest man on earth and i’d agree. And then we’d make beautiful babies and spend the rest of our lives flying london-freetown-accra-ny

and we’d grow old together and live happily ever after. I always his brown sugar and him my coffee cup.

Next time you see Idris Elba please tell him to stop fantasizing about me. Its not healthy

(after i wrote this post i just googled Idris and it turns out today is his birthday. Is that a coincidence or what? Wow….Happy Birthday Idris…Talk about MFEO. Ah randomly post about the man on his b-day)