February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Idris Elba commends developments in Sierra Leone after two decades of an eleven years civil war

Whilst addressing the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom on November 21st, 2022, the Sierra Leonean British actor Idris Elba commended the latest development in Sierra Leone after two decades of an eleven years devastating civil war, through the African leadership magazine

He said, owing to the fact that Sierra Leone ended an eleven-year-old war in 2002, in under two decades that the country has become one of the most stable countries in the whole of Africa. Additionally, there has been a decrease in danger of almost 50% in food security in Sierra Leone. 

“In 2002 the country ended an eleven-year civil war, under two decades the country has now become one of the most stable countries not only in west Africa but the whole of Africa. Within two decades, food security insecurity has been reduced by almost 50%. Idris Elba said.  

The Sierra Leone brand ambassador also mentioned the country’s latest development towards gender equality and girl-child education. He affirmed that the range of girls attending school has made huge progress, moving from 17% to 78% since the end of the civil war. 

“The range of girls attending school has risen from 17% to 78% over the course. And we can see that recently, the parliament unanimously voted to ensure a law that requires at least a 3rd of its members to be women. This is amazing.” Elba added. 

The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone H.E. Julius Maada Bio stated in his keynote address that, since assuming political leadership in May 2018, his government’s “New Direction Agenda”  focuses mainly on nurturing the potential of children and mining their talents to become productive citizens. He said, Investing in quality education is the most valuable renewable resource for the future generation. 

“Investing in quality education for the future generation is the most valuable and the only truly renewable resource in the world today.” President Bio. 

(Read H.E. Bio’s Full speech here)

H.E. Bio concluded his speech by saying that, as we turn our near recession from the pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war into recovery, Sierra Leone needs all the support from friends and partners in the UK. The President welcomed potential investors not to hesitate to invest in the west African nation, making mention of the country’s tough policy choices to retain investors.

“We need investments in critical sectors, including education, agriculture, health, infrastructure, and the extractive sector. My Government welcomes all potential investors. We have deliberately made tough policy choices to attract and retain investors in Sierra Leone.” President Bio.