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“Follow who know road, and follow the road that has light” – Yulisa Ahmadu advises young people

Serial entrepreneur, owner of Yulisa & Co. Brand, and Popular Sierra Leonean tik toker, Yulisa Ahmadu has in his latest video on TikTok sent out his advice to folks out there to follow people who know the road. 

The video speaks to all, particularly those in a relationship. As it’s important to be cautious of whom you become friends with, marry, or even get close to. As 2021 approaches, the love coach said :

‘You can’t build a kingdom with someone who still seeks attention from the village.

You cannot lead someone, who does not even want to be led.

Let’s understand this, some people will never be ready for what you are ready for. Because they treat life differently.

Because they’re too careless to understand the importance of marriage, relationship, family, and everything that is so secured.

So let’s get this, imagine if you can love the wrong person so right, what if you were loving the right person? The same energy, the same effort you put into it and you give it to them, imagine how far you would have gone.

So let’s understand this: our people will say ‘Follow who know the  know then follow road wae get light’

Truly, it’s like being on the same page with someone, or being with someone willing to do the right thing. or understands your vision or dream for life and the relationship you have with them.

Truly, following the road wae get light