March 22, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Davido donates his 250 million Naira birthday celebration fundraiser to orphanages across Nigeria 

Famous Nigerian Singer Davido has donated the sum of N 250 million (600 thousand USD) to orphanages across Nigeria. 

This comes after he started a fundraiser with his friends on his birthday which ended up raising up to N200 million and he later added the sum of N 50 million from his personal savings.

In a press statement issued by the star he expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the fundraiser which started as a fine on his birthday. 

Moving forward he further states how passionate he is to give back to society (needy). He has however set up a 5 man committee to oversee the distribution of the funds.

A list of orphanages across Nigeria will be compiled and they will determine the number of children and their needs at each orphanage and then divide the funds accordingly.