February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

The Sengbe Pieh Academy celebrates its first Graduation Ceremony

The Sengbe Pieh Academy was founded in 2018 by the Jeneba Project to provide free quality education to girls in the Lungi area. The school operates at a maximum capacity of 72 girls receiving senior secondary school education in a dignified learning space. The school serves as a safe space, eliminating many of the obstacles girls face on their educational journey, such as period poverty, lack of uniforms, schools fees, textbooks, etc.

The Sengbe Pieh Academy was named after the Sengbe Pieh, leader of the Amistad Revolt, who led his compatriots to freedom from slavery and won a legal battle that brought them home to Sierra Leone. Girls of the school are called Mariners in that same spirit of tenacity, leadership, and navigation. 

The first cohort of 21 girls will graduate from the school on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at a ceremony at the school compound, Robis Village, Lungi, at 1 pm. The ceremony will also include investiture certification for two forms of girls who have qualified as Rover Scouts of the 1st Lungi Troop, Sierra Leone Scouts Association.

Jeneba Project – was founded by Joseph Kaifala to provide educational opportunities to adolescent girls in Sierra Leone. We aim to transform education for girls by fostering intellectual growth, leadership, and community service.