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New Anti Piracy Act could send you to jail for 3 yrs

Its been a long time that local artists have been calling for parliament to pass an Anti Piracy Bill, to protect their intellectual property and last week they got their wish with the Copyrite Act 2011. Those who choose to violate the act (like our CDs selling brothers surely will) could face up to 3 years in jail or a fine of 60 million leones ($13,000). Funnily, the youth who stand to benefit from the Act as musicians are also run the greatest risk of being jailed for piracy as music sellers. How many artists really stand to benefit from the passing of this law? And even more important, is Papa Gofment actually going to enforce this law? I would really like to see them try to shut down the cassette and CD sellers at PZ, cam see way man go loss election. Some would argue that those who fall on the side against the law far outweigh those who will benefit. What do you think?

SideNote: Maybe now someone like Shaddy Baby could make a deal with one of the phone companies and sell ringtones…