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Meet Danny Manu the Ghanaian-British innovator that developed wireless earbuds that can instantly translate 40 languages 

Danny Manu, a Ghanaian-British innovator and entrepreneur has developed earbuds that can auto-translate other languages without an internet connection. 

The name of the device is called CLIK and it’s said to be the world’s first wireless earphones with live translation which supports over 40 languages. The wireless Bluetooth headset was built to automatically detect the language being spoken and provide translation within a sentence after connection with a smartphone. 

CLIK will also let its users listen to their favourite music in HD sound and answer calls for over 30 hours. Since its invention under the Mymanu brand, the device has won customers attention across Europe, U.S and Asia.

However, despite this success, Manu built his business through self-financing as Black startups in the UK face challenges in accessing capital or venture funding.

Also, as an entrepreneur, Manu has been using his business connections across Asia and Europe to support the production of crucial PPE to help in the fight against Coronavirus through his Brand Medybird.