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Big Sister Salone vs Housemates Salone – Ose Wahala

by Alhassan Lamin

As the clash between Sierra Leone’s top two reality TV shows, Big Sister Salone, and Housemates Salone continues, the organizers of both TV shows have given their fans the biggest surprise since the start. 

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, both shows unveiled two new houses to their fans. The structures are astonishing and they showcase class. Housemates Salone unveiled the house where the contestants will stay for the next couple of weeks. While Big Sister Salone takes the fans from the village to their vacation house. 

Meanwhile, Housemates Salone has shortlisted the top 22 contestants for this year’s edition. Leaving 11 males and 11 females, out of 52 nominated contestants. Likewise, Big Sister Salone has done their first eviction,  10 roommates left the village after a 2 weeks stay. 

See images of houses below: 

Photos of Housemate Salone

Photos of Big Sister Salone

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