March 22, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Ex-President of Sierra Leone calls on citizens to fight Covid-19 collectively

Ex-President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma has called on all citizens to work collaboratively in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In last night’s tweets, he said that since the country has recorded 2 independent index cases of the pandemic within 48 hours. It’s time for every citizen to ascertain their values, be united, love and care for others while we collectively fight the pandemic.

In the other tweet, he brought back the resilience we all had during the fight against Ebola, of which he said Covid-19 is an enemy that does not recognize tribe, region, class, political status as it is a common enemy we all as citizens must confront together. 

He ended by calling on citizens to follow precautionary measures by washing their hands, report to authorities sick people and stop stigmatization in local communities.