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If you are feeling like we are back to the days of Kabba Tiger, you might be right


Are we back to the days of Kabba Tiger? Fo sae na beyen wi dae kam go back so? Wae di ship wae dae gee wi light?

These are some of the questions that run in the minds of citizens of Sierra Leone whenever the local electricity company responsible for power supply fails them.

EDSA was founded after the unbundling of the National Power Authority (NPA) in late 2014. Its primary responsibilities are distribution and supply of electricity in Sierra Leone, especially in the Western Area where most of its operations are centered on but their supply is quite questionable.

EDSA headquarters on renovation

The Prepaid Meters that are needed in every household or business place are out of sight. Some people have paid for meters for months but to no avail. Every day some Sierra Leoneans complain that they have top-up/units in their meters but do not receive electricity. This is quite common.

Sierra Leoneans use generator, it is not strange to us anymore.

The people of Sierra Leone have accepted blackout as their fate and whenever the lights are out, they go out and check if it is the entire vicinity and sighs “oh noto to me wan na olsai”( I am not alone).

What a relief to know that you are not alone in this struggle.

What is so interesting is the fact that EDSA and mosquitoes have a very strong partnership. The moment the lights are out, that is when you see mosquitoes everywhere singing and ready to feast. What a strong bond! do not encourage that bond.

Get a mosquito bat, spray, coil or repellant, and sleep under bed nets.

People are running away from their homes. They need to do their business, preserve their food, charge their phones or laptops, watch movies, they also need light to study, to work, to put on their fans or air conditioners to sleep. Do not run!

Get yourself Easy Solar. It comes in various packages that even the average Sierra Leonean can afford.

Since EDSA has decided to be mean, no problem. No EDSA no wahala!

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