Freetown City Council to host delegations from Swiss Agency and other development partners.

A delegation from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and partners, Geneva Water Hub and the UN Capital Development Fund will be hosted by the Freetown City Council this week.

The delegations’ visit is aimed at continuing and concretize the discussion with Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyerr and the Council, around the city twinning and blending financial partnerships, more especially for transboundary capital fundraising to support the sustainability of service delivery in the city.

The Mayor is exploring with development partners, the possibility of a twinning partnership with developed municipalities to ensure better access to capital markets in order to support the implementation of the Council’s Transform Freetown Agenda.

In a preliminary meeting with the Mayor, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation stated several areas within the city where the Transform Freetown aligns with their financial scope.

Included are Job creation for youths to reduce the rate of migration, revenue mobilization and the most important is water.

Freetown City Council and the Swiss Agency will explore the possibility of a potential partnership to solve the growing water crisis, through the Agency’s Blue Peace Initiative.

This fact-finding and scoping mission is led by the Director of Global Programme Water, Swiss Agency for International Development and Cooperation.

Other members include team members from the Swiss Agency and different experts from other international organizations.