March 26, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

“Cocorioko” from Chicken Town, Freetown’s newest fast food joint

Chicken town is a new eatery situated at Brookfields opposite the famous China Town that has left many people in awe.

Can you believe they are a very young restaurant? Guess you didn’t know that, well let me tell you what people both staff, employer and customers has to say about Chicken Town.

Benjamin Jackson the Project lead in Sierra Leone for True Stone Investment Company in London said in an interview that Chicken Town is the latest business funded by True Stone London and the core mandate of True stone is to invest mainly in emerging markets in developing nations and they invest in businesses that are profitable and has a positive social impact.

“Best form of development is where you invest into people, empower people and businesses in developing countries that are sustainable making them to depend on sustainable income” Jackson said.

He furthered stated that the investment Company was excited to empower Local entrepreneur and local Sierra Leoneans as Chicken Town was the sixth project that they’ve embarked on in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is the First African country that Chicken Town has started operation and he stated that it is from Sierra Leone that people would see the Birth of Chicken Town in other African Countries.

Shaka Ganda a service clerk of Chicken Town said my “experience has been good and flawless,” and he complemented that to the training they received before they started the job.

He stated that the workload is always hectic but what helps them to cope is to see their employers stepping in to service, clean tables, take orders and so many things that leave them in awe and it is really motivational for them to see such.

The restaurant Promote local content, local and innovative name in the venue for example the hottest pepper sauce in the menu is called “Ya Go Do” and big boxes of chicken has creative and innovative names like the “Cabudu box”, “Fambul Basket”, Ladida box and so on, he said, and these innovative names has just been invented by Chicken Town.

Bob Harding a regular customer of Chicken Town said Chicken Town performance is impressive giving the fact that it’s an upcoming restaurant but their level of professionalism is immaculate.

“Chicken Town is my safe haven” he added. He continued that he will come in at any time of their opening hours to relax, work and enjoy without any interference from anyone and it’s a great place to catch fun. The waiters are very polite and friendly and for short it is his favorite joint.

He said what makes his experience more pleasant was seeing the owners eating their own food, he said and in all his experience of visiting restaurants he has not come across such.

Chicken Town is a place that has the Africanized feel in the Sierra Leonean Context.

The décor is impeccable and creative.

There is the mix of Sierra Leonean and modern business in the decoration, as the fabric décor to the décor that has the cock painting with the expression of shouting ”Cocorioko”, the wooden furniture and African fabric on the seat the menu with local names to give the sierra Leonean feel.

The business is targeting three key areas ranging from vibe, product and service. The vibe is the cool and inviting atmosphere, the service is the services rendered by both staff and their employers and the product is the awesome food they serve that is ever so fresh and appetizing.