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Markmuday releases new song titled Mama Salone.

by Alhassan Lamin Kargbo

CEO of Slim Nation Nelson Idrissa ‘Markmuday’ Kargbo has produced a new song “Mama Salone” to mark Sierra Leone April 27 Independence.

He told Switsalone why this song and why now;
You all know how things are presently in our country, due to research, lot of things that are happening in our country today is because we don’t have love for ourselves, so much bad energy and we as Sierra Leoneans if we continue with this, our country will continue to decline.

“I am just trying to preach peace, love and togetherness so we will get a better home and also let try to drop this issue of colour and work as one that will be good for us all as a nation” he continued.

Slim Nation team which happens to be my record label, we all believe in oneness and love. And because our Country’s Independence is fast approaching I think the people of this country needs such song” he said.

Nelson Idrissa ‘Markmuday’ Kargbo is the best RnB artist of the year 2018 in the National Entertainment Award (NEA).

The CEO of Slim Nation is just expressing the love he has for Mama Salone (Sierra Leone). That we need to show love and unity in our nation. As in whenever other nationalities are talking about Sierra Leone they outline the negative point about Sierra Leone (War, Ebola and others).

Download and stream to some of his.
Markmuday ft Simi.

Markmuday ft Drizilik.

Markmuday ft Yvonne & Drizilik.

Markmuday ft Drizilik.
Markmuday ft Rozzay & Samza.

And many more.

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