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[Opinion] – “Playplay pan cuss” needs to stop with youth in Sierra Leone


I am sharing it here because I have been a victim of it and I want this culture among the young generation in Sierra Leone to stop. An abusive word or whatever we call it when people tell you bad or insulting word while you are laughing or in a laughing mood is no joke. We need to stop abusing one another.

It bothers me that people use moments of ‘fun’ to use abusive language. Why is it that it is always in jest that people will say the most damning things to you?

They will laugh and share your secret. They will laugh and provoke you about a physical deformity.

Eg. Na dat make you mot de smell so!

“that’s why your mother doesn’t know how to dress!”

How can you call someone a friend but insult them publicly, pull them down and say it is fun? Which kind of satanic fun is that?

When I was a teenager living in the Congo Market. It was common for people to trade insults for jokes. And after the person who made the abusive joke to which everyone would have laughed then they will say, “You geh sweh! ” or “You alaki!”  “You are cursed!” and “you are worthless!” How can these words be fun?

I understand sarcasm and I understand friendship as well. But I will never understand but I don’t understand why and how abuse is fun. This a bad culture and we need to change it.

Few weeks ago we had a youth election in my local church. Before the end of the election, I was called many abusive words. Something I shared in private was shared in public. I asked my friend I had confided in why she would say those things about me and she said it’s just fun. How can you curse someone, bring them down and say it is fun? This is one of the reasons why I’m planning never to attend youth meetings again.

If you want to make fun with people please use good words. Our words are powerful, the Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” Proverbs 18:21 . If you insult me while laughing it’s still an insult. I’m a good Christian with a good memory. make we change bo.


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