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Sierra Leone: Ayesha’h Bah’s Aniq Modesy is first modest fashion brand


Founder of Aniq Modesty, Ayesha’h Bah

Sierra Leone’s capital city just got its first exclusively modest fashion brand. Ayesha’h Bah, a Sierra Leonean in the UK, has launched Aniq Modesty brand and boutique. The store opened last weekend on Regent Road in Freetown.  Bah comes from a family of textile traders and dressmaking. In 2015 Bah, started “African Hijab Fashion” on Instagram and Facebook, to promote the fashion and lifestyle of hajabi women.

With Aniq Modesty, Bah says she hopes to normalize the hijab. Women who dress modestly must be empowered to feel confident about their choices no matter where they are.

“We are working with charitable organizations to ensure that women who choose to dress modestly in hijab do not face discrimination. Modesty must become a norm and not a choice to be looked down upon. This is why our motto is “Beyond Fashion,” Bah said.

When Aniq Modesty was established in July 2018, only hijabs were on offer. Now the collection at Aniq has grown. No matter your religion the brand has fashionable modest clothing for all occasions; corporate events, social gatherings or everyday wear.
Bah is a mother of three, who juggles family life and business. She says that she does feel overwhelmed from time to time but she knows that to achieve greatness, you have to be determined.
“Nothing great is achieved easily,” says Bah
ANIQ Modesty is located at 34 Regent Road by Circular Road, Freetown. You can call them on +23275081508. You can also like their page on Facebook and Instagram.
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