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Sierra Leone: Introducing Marjo Bona’s Cocorobics African dance exercise


Cocorobics is an African dance fitness program created by Sierra Leonean-American dancer and choreographer Marjo Lagah-Bona. Bona combines dance from across the continent, and aerobic exercise to make sure participants burn calories and move to Afro beat. She is a cultural ambassador of African movement, and sound.

Raised in Pennsylvania to Sierra Leonean immigrants, Marjo’s first public dance performances started when she was only 14. She would dance at events both within and outside of the African community; weddings, pageants, variety shows.

Marjo has featured as lead dancer on stage for leading musical acts from the continent and also on music videos.

In December this year Cocorobics who was just featured on Voice of America Africa 54s will host a series of dance workshops in Sierra Leone for people of all ages. This will be her first visit to her ancestral home.

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