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Flights to Sierra Leone are 2x-3x higher because of Govt Tax! This petition wants to change that.

“Did you know that the real air ticket cost for SN Brussel (just one example) from Europe to Lungi is $350-370? The rest is landing, security and other outrageous fees. Airport authority guys pleaded with the previous govt to not allow that stupid contract for the Immigration check at the airport. That is costing passengers an extra cost. Worse is the fact that airport authority owns all the immigration equipment. And we wonder why Sierra Leone is not an attractive tourist destination. We cant compete with Gambia, Senegal and other countries in the region as ours is not an attractive destination. New minister please look into this issue now as well as encouraging Africa’s biggest airline; Ethiopia Airline to start flying.”

Writes Bockarie Banya on his Change.Org petition to review and reduce government tariffs on flights to and from Sierra Leone. Over 1000 people have signed the petition in 72 hours, a high number considering that just 2% of Sierra Leoneans have access to internet. 

Comments in support of the petition suggest that the high tariffs prevent many from the Sierra Leonean diaspora from getting home more often let alone tourists. Less taxation will mean more tourists and nationals visiting Sierra Leone, this is something the government should look into.