February 5, 2023


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#VickiesPicks of top Restaurants in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown’s food game is correct. I know that my friends who live there often complain about a lack of variety but all I got was nothing but deliciousness. I don’t know if its that most of the fresh produce is for now at least GMO free but its like somebody sprinkled love all over the food. Where is Bourdain when you need him, no seriously Anthony Bourdain bring yourself to Salone.

When in Freetown you must order the Calamari at Bliss, the Chef’s Signature Salad at New Brookfields Hotel, the Chicken Sandwich at Balmaya and the Barracuda at Country Lodge. You’re Welcome!

Egg plant and chick peas, and calamari to absolutely die for #SwitSalone #Freetown #SierraLeone #VickiesPicks

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Barracuda baby #TalesfromSalone #VickiesPicks #clodge

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