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FANT Sierra Leone is raising funds to get child prostitutes off the streets (video)

by Vickie Remoe

A new fundraiser by FANT hopes to raise funds to get girl prostitutes off the streets and give them a better life. Support the cause if you can on Indiegogo.

“In FANT, we give them a second chance in life! In our programme, they get a home away from their normal environment. They attend educational classes, as they were illiterate and they all started a training programme to become a hairdresser or seamstress. They also get money for food and some pocket money. More importantly, our employee Marie is looking after them, teaches the girls basic social and life skills, and serves as their mentor. But as the girls say, she is their real mother and they all love her so much because she gives them love and security, something they have never experienced before.

The results

Today, the girls have been through their first year of our programme and the transformation is incredible. The girls who before lived without joy and hope have regained the joy of life back. For instance 17 years old Mariamma (from the video above), after only 4 months in the programme, has been elected the “most promising youth” in the local community. From deeply unhappy and abused girl, she became a confident young lady, who is singing in a choir in her church.”

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