March 26, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

66 Days no ebola, MSF closes treatment center in Kailahun, Sierra Leone

After having borne the brunt of the ebola crisis at the start of the outbreak, Kailahun Distrist in the East of Sierra Leone has been ebola free for 66 days. In light of this, MSF has announced that it will close its ebola treatment center there to focus on other MSF centers in areas that still have cases.

MSF Project Coordinator, Judith Hetellier had his to say about the closure;

“MSF is proud to have been part of the fight against Ebola in Kailahun since June 2014. MSF has built an isolation unit at the Kailahun Government Hospital to protect healthcare workers and patients of communicable diseases. The isolation unit will be handed over to the people of Kailahun under the District Health Medical Team (DHMT) management together with the case management responsibility and we will keep a close eye on the District thereafter.”

The 50 bed treatment center has been in operation in Kailahun since July 2014.

Source: Awoko