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Mohamed Kallon Fmr. Leone Stars Capt. detained then released on bail in Sierra Leone

Mohamed Kallon
Mohamed Kallon at a FC Johansen CAF match in 2013
Photo (c) GoWomanAfrica

After voluntarily reporting to the police, Mohamed Kallon, the former captain of Sierra Leone’s national football team, was today detained for 7 hours and later released on bail according to a statement made by his lawyer Emmanuel Abdulai.

Kallon was allegedly  detained for intimidating, and assaulting Isha Johansen, the nation’s Football Association president. Many were shocked to hear Kallon had been taken in because media reports had confirmed that Johansen had slapped Kallon.Witnesses on the scene told sports reporter Sahr Morris that Kallon verbally provoked Johansen, but no one had said that Kallon had physically assaulted Johansen in the altercation, who says she slapped Kallon out of self defence after he grabbed her.

In Mohamed F. Barrie’ report to the BBC Kallon had said he was going to file charges against Johansen, but it seems she has beat him to it.

“The incident happened after a FA Cup match involving Kallon’s team, Kallon FC Jr, in Freetown on Thursday.

“I was asked by Isha to talk to Kallon FC fans to leave the ground after the game because the fans were making comments against the referees. But I told her that she should ask them out herself,” the ex-Inter Milan and Monaco striker told BBC Sport.

“She then slapped me on the back of my neck. I didn’t retaliate, and I even restrained my supporters from retaliating.

“I have reported the matter to the police and I’m taking legal action.

“My fans were making comments because they were not happy about the poor officiating of the game.”

Johansen has refused to comment on the matter, but SLFA spokesman John Konteh revealed Johansen has also reported the issue to the police.

“Isha Johansen will not make any comment for now so as not to prejudice the police investigation,” he said.

Johansen’s report to the police states that she slapped Kallon in self defence because he pushed her.

The report further states that Kallon had used abusive language against Johansen when he was having an argument with the owner of the winning team before the slapping incident.

There has been bad feeling between Kallon and Johansen since the SLFA elections last August.

Both Kallon and Johansen were nominated for the position of president but Kallon was disqualified while Johansen was elected unopposedto become the first female boss of the SLFA.”

Source: BBC