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Another nollywood marriage ends, Tchidi Chikere and wife split

by hawa.kualamah

Tchidi and his wife Sonia

It came as a surprise to many when the news made the rounds that ace movie maker,Tchidi Chikere and his actress wife, Sophia have parted ways. Tchidi has supposedly moved in with another woman.

Tchidi and his wife, Sophia are calling it quits after 9 years of  marriage due to in reconciling differences.

A University of Calabar graduate, Tchidi is a writer, singer, and director. He made ‘Wind of Glory’, ‘Hated’, ‘Fire Dancer’, ‘Soul of a Maiden’, ‘Live to Remember’, amongst countless others.

His wife Sophia starred in films including ‘Goodbye Another Day’, ‘Soul on Fire’, and ‘Standing Alone’.

The marriage, which has produced three children, is said to have endured early hiccups.

Tchidi has been rumored to be dating Nuella Njubigbo, another Nollywood actress. The new couple are said to be expecting their first child together.


It is well…God has blessed me beyond imagination with riches,lovely kids….What else do I wish for in life, though the devil is happy about this but God liveth and he’s never asleep ‘ Sophia stated.

Video: In an interview with Iroko TV Tchidi talked about his ideal woman

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