Video of the week: Shadrack Shady Baby’s “Oh Salone” on Oleku instrumentals

Shadrack Shady Baby

This new song from Shady Baby is officially going to be the JC diaspora anthem. The hook perfectly captures how many of us feel about being away from home. Whether you illegal or you get paper we all dey ya for di same reason. Wi day fen money.

                   “Oh Salone, ah dey US but ah still day memba you. Ah love you ah miss you but How for do? Ah day fen di money, mi dreggin noh funny but ah no wan cam home empty hand. Missin me home missing missing me home”

Translation: Sierra Leone, I am in the US but still thinking of you. I love you, I miss you but What to do? I’m trying to find some money, the hustle isn’t easy but I can’t come back with nothing. Missing my home

Shady Baby who was recently in concert both in the US and the UK dominated the Sierra Leone music charts with his hits ‘me yone style‘ and For dis you love in 2010. The artist whose real name is Shadrack is the reigning champion of Salone ragga and dancehall.

But what we really love about Shady baby is his ability to write songs that we can all relate to. Did we mention that he also goes hard on the dance skills when he performs?

Video Produced by Nick Asgill