January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Who is pulling the strings behind Congressman Hank Johnson in Georgia??

Hank Johnson, who represents the 4th Congressional District in Georgia and of ‘Guam Tipping’ fame and 19 others have asked the US State Department to push the government of Sierra Leone to investigate the Timber scandal that went all the way up to the Vice President’s Office.

When I read the press release it made me ask the following questions: Who is Hank Johnson and why does he care that this and none of the other cases of corruption in Sierra Leone be investigated? Are there a lot of Sierra Leonean Americans in the 4th congressional district and could this push be coming from them? What does Hank Johnson stand to gain? And finally I wondered is this push for an investigation is perhaps a carry over from VP Sam Sumana’s court case in Arkansas?

A wikileak cable SUBJECT: VICE PRESIDENT MAY BE BOOTED FOR ALLEGEDLY SWINDLING AMCITS reported that VP Sam Sumana had been charged in Arkansas for defrauding, and conspiring to defraud US citizens in a timber logging enterprise.
At this rate, President Koroma’s chances of losing the 2012 elections are rapidly increasing. Who will vote for a party that allows its second in the command to systematically cause the nation embarrassment?

           —SOURCE: Hank Johnson

—–SOURCE: Amy Lemar/US Embassy Freetown/Wikileaks