March 22, 2023


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War Don Don: Sierra Leone Documentary gets International Attention

War Don Dona documentary by American Film Maker  Rebecca Richman Cohen, tells the story of Issa Sesay ex-commander of the RUF (a rebel army in Sierra Leone) and his trial including narratives of prosecutors, defense attorneys. victims and  Sesay himself.
Since its release in 2010, the Documentary has screened in many festival across Europe and America. Some of these include; the Human Right International Festival in London, The Monstra Internacional de Film de Dones in Barcelona, The New Hampshire Film Festival in the United States and the Montreal International Black Film Festival. War Don Don was also nominated for for Outsanding Continuing Coverage of a True Story and Outsanting Editing at the 2011 Emmy.

 “By putting the trial itself on trial, Cohen creates a fascinating puzzle certain to provoke debate amongst audience members.
— Penny Lane, Brooklyn Rail
The film supplies incredible visual power, is rhythmically precise in its pace and timbre, and presents the hard-won access these filmmakers had to its very best advantage for the viewer to weigh, ponder, listen and learn…
— Pamela Cohn, Still In Motion
“Remarkable… Again and again…
— Cynthia Fuchs, Pop Matters
I have unfortunately missed the documentary during screenings in Washington, DC, but you may check it out if you happen to be in these cities:
– November 7th 2011 @ Brandeis University in waltham, massachusetts USA
– November 14, 2011 @ Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island USA
– November 20th 2011 @ Labia Cinema in Cape Town, South Africa
By MissJackee